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image   Canción: Té Para Tres

   Artista: Soda Stereo

   Álbum: Comfort & Música Para Volar

   Año: 1996

   Compositor: Gustavo Cerati

Teeeee para DOS

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The Scientist by Coldplay

this hurts

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"I wish it hurt you too."

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i want to sit with you in my arms and just talk for a while

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We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?” - Moonrise Kingdom (2013)

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"There is something that feels so good
about sharing your life with somebody."

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"My heart is so tired."

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Moonrise Kingdom

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"You stopped choosing me. The end."

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I Follow Rivers (Acoustic)

Used in the UK trailer for Blue Is The Warmest Color

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